Why SSL Certificates: Their Importance in the eCommerce World

If you own a website, SSL certificates are not mere luxuries but necessities. There are many reasons why you need an SSL certification, and some of these are the following:



Improved Security

The SSL Certificates add an extra layer of security which serves as a protection against different online threats. It is this secure layer which prevents hackers from gaining access and stealing the information of your users and other data being transmitted between the computer of users and your website. It is highly recommended to have an SSL certificate, especially for those companies using their site for handling sensitive information. These include eCommerce companies requiring their users to enter their shipping address information, credit card information, as well as other personal details when buying products.

Even non eCommerce websites are also at risk. When your website makes use of a newsletter sign form or contact form, the data sent from these forms could be put at risk if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate. You have to consider getting and installing an SSL certificate on your site to prevent any security breaches as well as to ultimately protect information and data of your users.

Improved Ranking in Search Engines

Several years ago, Google stated that they will start the use of HTTPS as a form of ranking signal. It is not a secret that Google is one of the biggest advocates of online security and they required the use of HTTPS everywhere online. With this big move from Google, it is easy to see that Google wants to encourage and promote a safer online word, and they even reward websites which can help make the web a much safer place at the soonest time possible. With Google finally making it as a major factor in ranking websites, it is easy to see why unsecured websites are now suffering from lower rankings.

Higher Level of Trust Among Users

Finally, SSL Certificates can help a lot in keeping websites safe. A good web developer can set one up for you at minimal cost. For sure, you have heard of all the horrible stories in the news regarding large companies that experienced security breaches wherein data of their customers have been stolen or hacked. This is what made a lot of online consumers think twice before they give out their personal details online.

Websites which already have installed SSL certificates display several symbols like the Padlock image on the green bar on the top browser bar. It is a proof that the website has been secured with an SSL certificate. The secured URL address is also going to start with HTTPS and not HTTP, which is a verification that the domain is already secure, and all of your information will remain protected. These very symbols are a representation of trust.

Research has found out that users who fail to see the green bar or padlock symbol when they connect to a website are more likely to leave that site and go instead to a competitor that has already invested in an SSL certificate. Choosing to invest in a secure site can have a big effect on web conversions and web traffic.



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